Red Bull Rampage with Formex Ambassador Thomas Genon, October 25th 2019

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Red Bull Rampage is mountain biking’s truest test of skill and mental toughness. In the most radical desert terrain with rugged cliffs and drops, riders just finished building their own lines of choice by hand and will now compete against each others by flipping and flying through the desert. Watch them live on Friday October 25th, 6PM CEST and support Formex Ambassador Thomas Genon.


Thomas Genon (aka Tommy G) is currently one of the best dirt jump and slopestyle mountain bikers in the world. At just 19, he won the 2012 Red Bull Joyride Event in Crankworx Whistler, the mecca of freeride mountain biking. Since then, "La frite" (so his nickname in the scene) is at the forefront of every FMB World Tour season.

By far the most spectacular competition is the Red Bull Rampage, a death-defying extreme freeride mountain biking event that sees riders literally throwing themselves off of cliffs. Genon has been in the invite-only lineup since 2015 and shows off his incredible skill set and techniques in the desert of Utah.

Thomas Genon Formex Ambassador

Despite his incredible success and breakneck jumps, Thomas has remained down to earth. He loves what he does and lives his passion. With his unmistakable style and an unconditional dedication, Thomas Genon makes a perfect ambassador to our brand and we are proud to count him as a member of Team Formex.

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